🎙 The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Design Systems

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Recently I recorded a talk for the ReactJS Case Study Festival so I decided to make it more accessible by providing a transcript along the video.

Talk abstract

So a manager says your organization needs to adopt a design system so you can finally make all buttons look consistent. As an engineer, you create a repository called "design system", add storybook as a dependency, and start writing components. Life is great and you feel like you're fulfilling your purpose in life. After weeks or months in working, you're ready to roll up your shiny new design system to the product (or products?). And this is there you realize the reality is so much different as your expectations.

Issues and bugs are stacking in the project's backlog, adoption rate is slow, designers don't really care about your effort, and developers are questioning the whole idea of the design system since "design says it should be 23px why can't I just write it like this?".

Welcome to my world! In this talk I want you to guide you through a year of my work as a design system consultant showing your problems that the design system team has to deal with on a day to day basis and some possible solutions.


Recording and Transcript

Watch the recording and read the transcript or check out the presentation.